Friday, January 2, 2009

Lists of blog offers

Earning money online isnt hard, and it isnt that easy either. You just have to start working hard and earn it slowly by slowly, and one day you could starting earning thousands per month just like many others did. Well, here are some of the more common money making sites that I would recommend.
Neobux PTC

One of the most, if not the best PTC site ever that REALLY pays, neobux provides standard member with 4 $0.01-$0.02 advertisements per day, that amount might sound little, but imagine having alot of referrals working under you,(each referral's click earn $0.01 as well)you wont be earning so little per day! It could be a dollar to a hundred! There's one that earn 10k on neobux because he has thousands of referrals working under him. Besides, there are jackpots to let enter from the small price of $0.10 to winning a few hundred bucks in the megajackpot. I have won once from the jackpot. So what are ya' waiting for? Click on the banner and start joining now!
Number's one GPT Site
GPT stands for get paid to, gptreasure was the first ever website that makes me realise making money online isnt fake and hard at all!
With many offers avaliable for international members and for the country you're residing in, GPTreasure offers up to $0.10 offers to 10 dollar offers, and the best thing about it is, it is being paid on a weekly basis! Furthermore, when you reach to a further stage of being more active in the website, you can have your chance to be promoted to a golden member whereby you might get more offers with even better and higher prices. Dont hesistate anymore! The money is right there waiting for you.
Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange
Looking for traffic to your blog? More referrals to your freebies exchange? Look no further! Easyhits4U provides you with chance to do so! With its autosurfing feature, websites you surf will earn you credit which in terms will be in exchange for traffic to your website! Besides, for every 1000 ads viewed, you earn $0.30, this may seem a big amount, but its no problem getting 1000 ads viewed in 1 day's time, and in 10 days, you're earning $3. There's many for you to find out, check it out now!(:
A paid to post site. Mylot pays for every posts you make/every comments on posts that you make. Payout is $10 through paypal. It is recommended for users who are interested in writing and reading forums. Pictures uploaded will also be paid. Surf easyhits4u and mylot at the same time to earn more money! Cheers =)

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